Saturday, August 26, 2017

The benefits of Thai massage

Those who are experiencing a Thai massage for the first time may be wondering what makes Thai massage so different from other type of massage and what are the benefits of Thai massage.

There are a few key differences between Thai massage techniques and those other type of massage therapy which also give the different benefits. While one type of massage is good for stress relief, another might be good for increasing blood circulation, while yet another one might be good for improving the muscle tone. All forms of massage have their own specific benefits but it is your choice for which one you need to adopt the massage.

Thai massage is traditionally promoted on the floor using the floor mat which allows you a more complete range of motion. Thai massage employs stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve tension and enhance flexibility which is unlike other massage techniques do. Thai massage is referred to as a Thai Lazy Yoga massage as the therapists use their body to move you into a series of the yoga-like positions that stretch the body and loosen joints while you are not required to do any of the work.

What are the benefits? 
Some therapeutic effects of Thai yoga massage are:

1. Relieves pain due to arthritis, stress and overworked muscles 

- The combination of gentle massage and stretches in Thai massage help relax and lengthen tight muscles. This takes pressure off the joints and allows them to fall back into proper alignment and gain the muscular flexibility.

2. Increases flexibility and circulation
- The gradual stretching movements at various positions will help enhancing flexibility and allow for a greater range of motion to deplete stress and strain from the muscles.

3. Enhances energy flow 

- Stretches and movements increase the space between the joints, allowing your blood moving and the acupressure aspect relaxes muscles and eases tensions which make you relieve from chronic stiffness and experience improved mobility.

4. Boosts your immune system 

- Thai massage improves circulation by releasing toxins and invigorates the nervous system. The slow massage movement of Thai massage will allow the mind and spirit to slow down to a true form of relaxation. More oxygen will be brought to the brain to clear the mind and boost the immune system.

There are many great reasons to try the Thai massage and once your have determined that Thai massage is right for you, you will surprise that there are more extensive benefits than can be listed here. This modality will not only help relieve your pain, it will relax you, invigorate you and leave you in a blissful state of mind but applying pressure to tender muscles can sometimes hurt. While it may be difficult to avoid some discomfort when targeting muscle knots, you are better off telling the therapist the level of the pressure and movement that you are comfortable to deal with so that you wont’ be in pain. So, get ready to lay back and enjoy the healing.

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